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What are some important design principles to keep in mind while designing a media logo?

Media and communication business usually consist of niches that deal with social media, electronic media such as news channels or local stations, or audio and digital media streams. In all of these businesses, it is very important to form a strong visual identity to help gain popularity and customer attention. If you keep the following design principles in mind, your media logos will be top-notch and up-to-the mark:

1. Keep it Simple:
Simplicity is the key to any logo. Media logos usually enjoy attention on screens and billboards. Having a logo that is simple and minimal in the number of elements, colors, application, and style will make the logo memorable and more impactful. This is an example of a simple logo:
2. Make Use of Space
In good media logos, white space is just as much a part of the logo as positive space. Employing thoughtful white space helps keep your logo simple and memorable. It gives it a breathable quality and a distinct aesthetical advantage. Always remember, what you choose to leave blank in your media logo is just as important as what you choose to fill in. An example of a good media logo with use of negative space is the NBC logo:
3. Choose Colors Thoughtfully:
Colors are responsible for setting the mood of your media logo. If you want to convey creative, bubbling energy, go for bold and bright colors. If you want to convey a stable, trustworthy image, go for astute shades like in the Facebook logo. In a nutshell, familiarize yourself with color psychology and the implications of popular color schemes used in media logos.

4. Make Sure it is Resizable
Always design logos in a vector format so they can be used across a variety of media. Print and screen media need different sizes, as do the different forms of display such as letterheads and billboards. If you keep your logos resizable, they are sure to retain quality and impact across all media.

How to redesign an existing communication logo but still retain brand recognition?

Redesigning and updating communication logos are an important part of communication and media branding. Social media companies likes Twitter frequently update their logos after every few years to convey they are up-to-date and still relevant in the modern world; however they do so in ways that still enable them to retain their brand identity and recognition, which is extremely important. Because of this, redesigning a communication logo can be largely tricky. However, if you follow these three important points, not only will you be able to give your logo a makeover, but also retain your brand recognition:

✔ Determine your logo’s defining qualities
For example do you have a special custom font? Or a special symbol? Retain the overall font or the symbol and make sure not to make too many drastic changes to that.

✔ Retain past connection of your media agency
For example, if you have a special tagline or a company mascot or special colors that talk of your legacy, retain those!

✔ Update the colors or elements subtly
Isolate the important colors or elements in your logo, and give them a fresh look. Maybe you can make the reds brighter and the yellows warmer –retain the overall impact but give a fresh new look in the details. Similarly, you can straighten out the shapes and symbols and make them simplified to give a subtle update.

What are some popular design styles for a media logo?

Media and communication logos previously aimed for complex looks but modern day media companies have adopted a more minimalist approach. That is not to say that they can’t swing both ways. The reason why they swing both ways is because it all depends on the type of company and the nature of their service, they usually aim for the following looks or styles:

✔ Minimalist:
Minimalist logos have colors comprising of black and whites, blues and grays and minimal elements and fonts.
✔ Flat Design:
Flat solid colors without shadows, no ornamental details in elements, clean, crisp edges.
✔ 3D Look:
3D shadows with interesting elements that seem to jump out of the screen.