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Which colors are most suitable for a cleaning services logo?

Whether you provide car wash services, carpet cleaning services or some other cleaning services, your logo needs to give a refreshing, pristine feel. The best colors for this are blues, whites, and greens. Blue and gray also work well. For example these logos:
cleaning logo with leaves in circle


broomstick cleaning logo design


man with cleaning wiper illustration


However, you don't have to remain in these limited number of colors if you think your cleaning business niche is different and require a unique color scheme. Many industrial cleaning as well as community cleaning companies have different color preferences such as these.



What are some popular symbols in this niche?

Popular symbols include symbols of cleaning supplies such as brooms, water, wipers, vacuums, car wash equipment, cleaning liquids etc. You can make these symbols look unique by employing a unique graphic design technique. For example, you may make use of abstraction, or form simplification, negative space or illustration.
window cleaning wiper logo template


vacuum cleaner icon for cleaning company logo


car wash logo design


Alternatively, you can also go for the unconventional symbols which may not be synonymous with your business but depict your brand message more effectively. Some cleaning logos for companies don’t even have symbols at all!
Wash Depot


cleaning logo of water drop icons


Where can I get cleaning logo inspiration?

There are many sources of cleaning logo design inspirations such as design portfolio showcase like, or stock websites such as iStock and PhotoStock etc. You can even refer to individual portfolios of graphic designers who specialize in logo designs such as David Airey, Graham Smith and Ian Paget.

On the other hand, the best way to see how to enter the industry of your cleaning niche is to look at the logos of your competitors to see what kind of designs they are using, and create a mood board of any cleaning logos you can find. This will give you a lot of inspiration.

You can also try out Logo Snap’s logo design tool for some great ideas. Use a DIY tool to tweak the logo templates of your choice according to your wishes and if you like the final result, you can download the file as a vector format.