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How to create a general catering logo that incorporates all types of catering services

If you want to create a general catering logo, go for symbols and styles that don’t point towards a specific catering type. For this you should keep in mind the following:

a. Use symbols that can be used for all catering types e.g a party platter
cooking utensils and food items logo design


b. Don’t use fonts that are too formal to be mistaken for corporate catering or too festive to be mistaken for wedding catering –stick to generic serif or sans-serif fonts.
cutlery on plate catering symbol


c. Use colors that are neutral –black and white is your best bet in this.
cooking utensils on rack catering logo


What elements should a catering logo have?

The best catering logos are combination marks. Combination marks are a type of logos that incorporate images with text. The text is often the company’s name or initials, and the image is a relevant catering symbol.

According to our observations, some of the best catering logos are combination marks with the following elements:

? a logo icon: which is a symbol that reflects the specific catering niche, or the catering theme

? the company’s name: the brand name

? and also a tagline: the tagline gives important information which may draw the customer in. For example, it may show off your expertise by telling how long you have been in the business, or it may have some relevant, witty quote to show off your amiable personality, or it may have a line that refers to your distict services.


A tagline adds more value to your catering logo. This tagline can be in the form of a slogan, or it can tell the viewers the establishing date of your business.

How should I arrange the elements in my catering logo?

Make sure the elements follow a hierarchy. There should be a primary focus, a secondary focus and a tertiary focus.
For example, your company’s name can be the primary focus, the logo icon can be the secondary focus and the tagline can be the tertiary focus.


You can also maintain hierarchy with variation in size, color, and alignment.