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What are some of the most popular symbols for a beauty logo?

Beauty businesses such as salons, cosmetics companies or accessories stores make use of logo symbols that are delicate, aesthetically pleasing and reflective of their aesthetic style.

Popular beauty logo symbols include:

Victorian floral bands or patterns: Used primarily by salons and beauty stores. Because these victorian bands are so generic, they are used for businesses that offer multiple types of services under one banner.
ornaments frame logo design


Faces: Face symbols are mostly used by feminine beauty salons. The types of symbols used for faces can further tell about the type of salon. For example, a women’s salon may make use of a female profile silhouette, while a teen salon may make use of a hip silhouette.
profile of woman with ornaments in beauty logo


Fashion accessories such as cosmetics or articles: For beauty businesses that sell products instead of services, the use of any of their product type as a symbol is important. For example a cosmetics business may make use of makeup symbols.
cosmetics icons


Feminine and masculine silhouettes: These silhouettes are pretty generic and are used by businesses that may have fashion stores or even beauty salons. Masculine beauty businesses make use of masculine silhouettes.
man profile with beard symbol for men’s salon


Geometrical patterns: These are used by beauty businesses which do not have a very clearly defined niche and deal with multiple services. It may be a homemade beauty products business or even a retail store.
graphic squares symbol for men’s product


How can I make my beauty logo more masculine or feminine?

The best way to make a beauty logo masculine or feminine is to use masculine or feminine color schemes. Browns, blacks, reds, purples, and blues work the best for masculine fashion logos. While pinks, purples, golds, blacks, reds, and lilacs work best for feminine beauty logos. You can also make your logo softer with the use of ornaments and lines, to give a more feminine look, while masculine logos can be rendered with use of sharp shapes.

Feminine Color Schemes

Masculine Color Schemes

Is it a good idea to follow some of the popular logo trends in beauty logos?

The internet is full of logo trend suggestions and articles, and you may have come across such popular trends in beauty logos as well. Generally, logo trends are fads in graphic design techniques and applications for a specific niche. For example, a popular logo trend these days is to have san serif wordmark beauty logos.


However, does this mean you need to follow these trends for your beauty logo to succeed?

The short answer is no! The long answer - a good logo needs to be timeless and unique. These two features are the hallmarks of a good brand identity that lasts over years and years and becomes a legacy. For this to happen, it is important you stay authentic to the inherent brand messages your beauty business stands for, and try to carve a logo out of it. Following a trend is not going to work because trends are superficial and fleeting. They are popular one year, and out the next.

On the other hand, if you make a logo that stands for your brand personality and brand visions and goals, whatever graphic design technique you use to manifest these messages is going to be relevant –even if it involves the use of trendy design graphics.