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What is the first step in designing a good transportation logo?

The first step in designing a logo for your transport company is coming up with a design brief.

1. A design brief should include the key goals and visions of your transportation company. Some questions you can ask yourself are the following: Is your transportation business global? Is it user-centric? Is it environment-friendly? Is it affordable? etc. These will help you design a theme for your transport company logo. For example, if you are not in a global business, it is better to focus on local themes, symbols and colors. If you are primarily an affordable transportation company, maybe you can include this theme in your logo in the form of a tagline, or through an easy-going graphic.

2. The design brief should also include the key messages you want to convey to your client. You may also want to add messages that distinguish your transportation company: how are you different? What are your strengths? For example, if you are an environment friendly transportation company, maybe you can use earthy colors to illustrate the point. If speed is your forte, use of lines and curves can help illustrate that!

3. And finally, the design brief should include any key inspirations, styles or preferences you have related to your logo. For example, maybe negative space styles inspire you. Or you really like minimalistic designs – you can explore these themes in your transport logo and see if they are in sync with your vision, goals and messages.

How can I make my automobile company logo unique?

You can make your logo design unique in the following ways for your automobile company:

a. Focus on a Unique Brand Message: You can either focus on distilling a unique brand message. This message can then be translated in the form of a tagline or in an image or a symbol. A unique message can easily result in a unique application.


b. Focus on a Unique Graphic Design Application: Another way to create a unique logo is to employ a unique graphic design application. For example a unique use of logo grids, color, lines, balance etc.
c. Focus on a Unique Image You can also make your logo unique by creating a unique icon or an image. This may be something witty, like a logo pun, or something that is not commonly used in the niche but is still reflective of your automotive niche.


Which fonts are best for a transportation logo?

Transportation logos look best in fonts that are chunky and authoritative. This is because transportation companies need to give a feeling of being in control –the task of lugging goods over millions of miles is no easy job, and needs real strength. It also needs to be done in a speedy and professional way. For this message to be conveyed in your transport logo design, you should go for bold sans-serifs and modern fonts. It is important to go for a modern look in fonts because we want to give a message of progression and modernity in our services.

Sans-serifs and modern fonts are the fonts that come without the little lines at the end of the characters. Any fonts from these categories can look great for transportation logos.

Here are some examples of chunky fonts: