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What type of fashion logo design would best suit my fashion store?

Fashion logos come in all symbols and styles. They can be seen as wordmarks (logos that make use of the company’s name or initials only), combination marks (logos that incorporate a company’s name along with an image or an icon) and even as pictorial marks (logos that make use of an icon only).


Source: Megan Kaberline

Combination Mark


Pictorial Mark
pair of shoes logo graphic


Choosing the most appropriate type of logo for your fashion store relies on your established brand identity. If you are a well-known brand, you can get away with a logo that incorporates only your initials or a pictorial mark. And if you are relatively new, it is a good idea to reinforce identity with the help of a combination mark.

Usually, fashion brands tend to go for a combination mark –they can later use elements from the combination mark however they want. For example, Nike uses its swoosh symbol with and without the text.
classic sewing machine icon for fashion logo design


What messages should my fashion logo convey?

Your logo should provide people with a sense of your ‘brand personality’. A brand personality refers to the ultimate aura of your brand. For example, some fashion businesses may give off a street-smart look, some might go for a high-fashion couture look, while others may aim for a more personalized, indie look. All of these are examples of brand personalities.

A good fashion logo will convey to the audience everything that your brand stands for. Decide for yourself what that is. Is it luxury and class? Sophistication? Timelessness? Comfort? Tradition? Once you are clear on your brand personality, convey it in your logo. For example, if your brand personality focuses on tradition, your logo will make use of formal, traditional fonts, crests and emblem styles and other traditional symbols like this logo:

A logo should also be able to tell your audience why you are different and why they should buy from you. You can do this in the form of an added tagline, or even through your unique color scheme and symbols.

What are the top logo design mistakes to avoid for a fashion logo?

Your fashion business is about building an image of your clientele, and so your brand should exude the same imagery for your audience – you cannot afford to have a fashion logo design that is shabby and in anyway tarnish your business reputation. These are the top 5 mistakes to avoid when designing your fashion logo:

i) Plagiarism: In this day and age, this is very easy. Always start your logo design with a thorough search to make sure you are not designing something that has already been done before. Before starting your design, make a mood board of the common symbols and styles used in fashion logos –once you have this collection in, it will help you steer clear of doing what has already been done before. It will also help you avoid over-used fashion symbols.

ii) Complex Design: If you have too much going on in your logo, it is mostly not going to work. Putting a lot of colors or images in your fashion logo is a bad choice.

iii) Bad Color Schemes: Bad color schemes or color choices can really break your logo. Make sure your colors are sensitive to your niche, your brand messages, and your audience. Always refer to color psychology and color scheme palettes to get better ideas.

iv) Bad Font Choices: Choosing a font that is appropriate is just as important. Get to know what different fonts can stand for. If your fashion store is about classical look you don’t want to have a modern font in your logo to ruin that image.

v) Generic Logos: Overused logo styles and icons can make your logo look insignificant. For example, an image or a T-shirt or a coat will look very generic for a fashion retail store. Add more depth to your design by using illustrated designs or adding special design ornaments to make it out distinctive. Think outside the box!