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Do I always need a tagline for my pet store logo?

Pet store logos don’t always need a tagline –in fact, no logo always needs a tagline. However, a tagline can often add more information to your logo and make it more memorable. This is especially true for business niches where multiple streams of services are possible. For example a pet business can be related to an animal shelter, veterinarian services, pet grooming services, pet food supplies, or an all-in-one pet store. In such a case, a tagline can help the viewer narrow down what your service type is.

A tagline can also impart information such as your year of establishment, to show how long you have been in the business, or quote some witty quote to convey your sense of humor –it can be used to link up with the viewers and grab their attention.

However, you should be the one to decide if a tagline is in sync with the image you want to portray. Many times, you can also do without a tagline and convey the same information in the form of a symbol.

Here is an example of a logo where a tagline is adding more concrete information to the company’s name:


What types of animal shelter logos are popular?

Animal shelters and pet stores typically make use of combination logos. A combination logo is a one that makes use of a picture symbol along with the name of the company. Usually, geometric or abstract depictions of animals are used as a logo icon in pet store logos.

Here is an example of a combination logo:


The pet store’s name is infused with the image of a dog, to create a unique logo.

The type of symbol used in the combination logo is also very important, and can be used to convey the needed information. For example, a symbol of a dog and a heart is ideal for a pet care center with vetenary services. Similarly, if it is an animal shelter, a grouped image of animals coming together as a community, under the care of a shelter, can look amazing. And if it’s a pet shop that sells pets, you can showcase multiple types of animals to show your diversity.

Which is better: black and white, or a colored logo for pet store?

By default, the best practices of logo design dictate you create a logo that looks good in black and white as well, even if you intend it to be a colored logo. This is to ensure the logo still works in areas where it may be rendered in black and white e.g in newspapers etc.

However, you can also dedicatedly create a logo in black and white for a pet store, instead of color. There are equal benefits of a black and white pet store logos as well as colored one. A colored logo is able to garner attention from afar, can seem more cheerful and upbeat and can draw in kids and adults alike, while a black and white logo gives a high-end look to your business and can appear timeless.