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What fonts are suitable for agriculture logos?

Primarily, agriculture companies deal with niches related to farming, agricultural products such as seeds, manure etc and organic produce such as fruits and vegetables. If you notice, the theme in all of these is nature. This is why agriculture logos should give a feeling of tradition (an attachment to mother nature that has nurtured us for millions of years), warmth and growth. The logo fonts should also seem friendly and professional.

For this, agriculture logos do well with serif fonts. Serif fonts are the fonts that have the little lines and curves at the ends of the characters. Serif is known to be excellent for body text and headings, and the newer versions of serif fonts give a modern yet traditional look. Serifs can be interpreted in print or can even draw from a calligraphic style. Some of the popular serif fonts you can use for your agriculture logo include Times New Roman and Palatino.

You can also use custom fonts or handwritten fonts with floral curves that refer to nature. Custom fonts are fonts that don’t pre-exist freely. The designer specifically designs them for a logo. These have a potential to form a very strong brand identity. While handwritten fonts are mostly calligraphic in style.
Here are some more font examples that are appropriate for agriculture fonts:



What are some unique color combinations for agriculture logos?

When choosing colors for a logo, you need to go for colors that cover the following ground:

a. They are reflective of your niche- e.g colors that are seen in nature can be good for agricultural logos.

b. They employ good color psychology –this means the colors should convey some of the messages your company wants to put forth to customers. For example, messages of sustainability, growth, prosperity etc.

c. They form a good aesthetic combination –the colors should also be pleasing to the eyes and catchy.

Agriculture and farm logos rely on heavy use of earthy colors –primarily the shades of green. Green refers to prosperity, fertility, growth ad mother nature.

Green and orange or green and yellow are a popular combination. Yellow brings in the factor of joy, happiness and glowing warmth like this logo:
sun and fields agriculture logo


However, if you are looking for unique combinations, green with sky blue or deep earth brown with sky blue is a good option, because sky blue refers to the ever-present natural horizon around us which is an automatic reference to nature. It is also calming, trust worthy and always there!
farm tractor symbol


The combination gives off natural soothing vibes while looking unique at the same time. However, always make sure your color scheme is reflective of your business type and ideals. While a combination may work for one niche, it might look totally off for another niche

How to design a unique logo for organic farm products and packaging?

A logo that is used in organic farm product packaging is mostly seen in print. Retail packaging can be especially tricky because it needs to show off your product on the store shelves and make a case for itself among many other products. Usually, organic brands create a strong brand identity with the help of their logo –your logo will determine the colors and style of your farm produce as well, because mostly designers draw inspiration for the packaging from your logo colors and style. This is why your organic farm logo is extremely important. To design a logo that works well for your product packaging, keep in mind the following:

1. Visibility on a smaller scale: Your packaging will constitute of labels, ingredient listing, packaging images and more. In such a case, your logo will have to take a back seat. This means it will be visible at a very small scale. You have to make sure your logo is still easily visible and legible even when it is scaled down! Therefore keep the design simple, with fewer elements, so it is still able to catch attention.

2. Clear depiction of what your product or company is about: People should be able to spot important details about your company such as if you are vegan, organic, environment friendly, GMO-free etc. and your logo can help you do this. Often, organic farm logos incorporate taglines or symbols which can convey these messages. If your design has such a tagline or a symbol, it can work in your favor.

3. The ability to grab attention among other visual clutter: The logo should be visible among other graphics on the packaging, and also among other products. This is because the item will be placed on a retail shelf, there will be a lot of competition for your customer’s attention. In such a case, a simple logo that is strong and powerful often catches the eye.

Usually, if you follow the SMART (Simple, Memorable, Appropriate, Resizable and Timeless) principle of logo design, you will have the above traits covered already.