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How to create a design using our free logo maker software?

LogoSnap is browser-based software, which means you can use it if you have access to the Internet and a browser like Chrome, Internet Explorer or FireFox.
1. To create a design, simply log on to our website and browse through tons of logo templates listed in our gallery.
2. Choose a design symbol that matches your business requirements and industry.
3. Use our logo generator to change font type, colors, graphic effects, and tagline. You can even add a shape to make it unique.
4. Once you’re done with customization, download!
It literally takes minutes to create a design using our free DIY logo maker app. What are you waiting for? Start now!

Why should I choose LogoSnap to design my logo?

There are tons of logo creators online but with LogoSnap you’ll get the real deal. We offer these outstanding features:
• Beautifully illustrated logos
• Fast and user friendly interface
• Plenty of graphical effects
• Flexibility in customization
• High resolution files
And the best part is you can design your heart out with our free logo maker and only pay for download the logo you love.

Do I have to pay for a logo template to try out the generator?

Not at all! Our logo creator is an online tool that is absolutely free to use. You can use it anyway you like – for logo design inspiration, developing concepts, test out ideas, teach students, or just for fun.
Select a symbol, customize it, play with colors, fonts and text without paying a dime.
Don’t like it? Discard or save it, and start all over again with another symbol.
Try as many time as you like until you’re satisfied with the results.
Only pay to download the logo you like.

What makes a good logo design?

A good logo design needs to have what the graphic design community calls the 7Cs. They’re listed here:
Consideration – consider the target audience, company requirements, and unique selling point.
Concept – a logo should have a definite concept that reflects business and its industry.
Color – choice of color(s) reflects the mood, perception, culture, style and industry trends.
Catchy – catch the attention of your target audience and attract them towards your brand.
Credible – create authority and develop trust with your customers wherever they see your logo.
Communicate – effectively communicate your brand message through visual design.
Consistency – your logo design should be consistent with your brand identity of your company.
The 7Cs should be the basis for starting your logo design but should not be the exception. There are plenty of opportunities where you can create unique and memorable brand logo simply by tweaking a “C” here or there. You can start by using our online logo creator to test the 7Cs.