Anatomy of a Responsive Mobile Website

Over the last decade, the field of web design has gone through tremendous changes. New technologies have been introduced and new advancements have been made to improve user experience. This eventually lead to various challenges for businesses but the introduction of mobile responsive websites have changed the playing field entirely.

Businesses can no longer opt for the traditional web design approach when it comes to mobile websites. These sites are responsive and have a different set of elements that can help them win or make them lose potential customers. If you are a business owner planning for an effective mobile website or a designer creating a responsive design for your client – here are a few things you must know about the structure of a responsive mobile website.

infographic, responsive web design structure

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4 thoughts on “Anatomy of a Responsive Mobile Website

  1. Fantastic post, some interesting ideas, only thing i can say is your use of smaller fonts, over on my site Espresso Web Design you can see our mobile section, we tend to use large un-complicated buttons so even the wide-thumbed people of the world have a good shot at pressing the correct button.

    Other than that I would say job well done!

  2. Can anyone give me a rough guide into a how much a small ecommerce website would cost that is built with responsive web design. I know this a little bit like asking, how long is a bit of string. It is a small site with about 30 products.

    Many thanks


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