Rise and Reach of Mobile Friendly Websites

Mobile phones, once a luxury, have now become a necessity especially for businesses. Old or new, big or small, businesses are now readily turning to mobile phones and reaching out to potential customers by catering to their needs in an innovative way. With the surge of smart phone and tablet consumers going global, businesses now need to accommodate a rising number of their visitors with mobile friendly websites.

Companies that do not cater to mobile customers and do not have a responsive website are likely to lose customers. Globally a large number of users make purchases on the go instead of doing so from the comfort of their homes. Here is an infographic to help you understand the significance of mobile friendly websites and the rising trend for responsive sites.

mobile friendly website design infographic

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  1. great post and very good way of showing the post by effective ways of using pictures and that viewer can easily understand the main goal of creating the post and in good ways

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