Elements of a Compelling Landing Page

In order for your landing page to convert visitors it needs to have conversion centered design. This means that your webpage should not just have a theme but should also have a proper hierarchy of page elements, well structured navigation, clear cut content and powerful call to action. Apart from this, make sure you test the page on all major browsers to ensure that it functions well. Many times it’s the slightest of variations and browser issues that cost businesses potential customers.

Does all of this sound hard? Perhaps, but it’s definitely not impossible.

Landing page designs and techniques may vary from business to business but what remains the same are certain compelling elements that can convert customers. Here is an inforgraphic that will help you understand what works for landing pages and what doesn’t.

good landing page elements, landing page infographic

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One thought on “Elements of a Compelling Landing Page

  1. I love this post with details info graphics, this post impressed me to do batter landing page design, all the point you show here is correct and all designer should follow those instruction.

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