6 Business Cards That Won’t Hit the Shredder


When someone offers me a business card, my first instinct is to refuse… but it’s rude to do that so I politely accept and put it in my wallet. After living in a crammed pocket of my wallet for a few days with its other very-boring-counterparts, the sad life of the business card comes to an end, till it’s time for the bi-monthly cleaning. I just shred em’ all up and chuck them into the bin… no guilty feelings whatsoever. Yup, in a movie where business cards are the ...

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13 Creative Album Cover Designs

Collage 3

Music is not just about listening but about perceptions. Have you ever wondered why the lyrics of one song mean something at one point but can suddenly seem to say something entirely different at another? Obviously, little elves did not sneak into your iPod at night and mess around with the lyrics. That’s just your mood and experience talking. How we are feeling at a certain point has an impact on how we perceive the music. Moreover, everyone has their own perception of a song, their own thought ...

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The Science of Advertising

Can you imagine a world without advertisements? I certainly can, but to tell you the truth, it looks kinda dull. Yes, I know, advertisements are full of marketing hullabaloo and they make you buy things you don’t need but I have a confession to make… I love ‘em! For a creativity aficionado, these interpretations show how creativity has no boundaries and how the human mind can take a simple idea and turn it into a brilliant concept. You may think that it’s just an illustration or photo with a ...

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4 Ways to Go Green with Your Business Cards


Think of a business card, and you get a vision of this scrap of paper that has someone’s contact details in mangled graphics, garish colors, and make you wonder at the state of mind of the owner. Okay, so I am exaggerating. Today’s business cards, most of the time, are sophisticated with tasteful color coordinated graphic and design. But need it be a piece of cardboard paper? Some may vouch for its richness but I think it’s optional. Cost aside, anything paper is a telltale mark of leaving a ...

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